Behavioral Health Unit

The Behavioral Health Unit assists in addressing the mental health needs of the community.  Through a collaborative relationship with New Horizons of the Treasure Coast, case managers assess the individual needs of clients and help them navigate their way through the most appropriate levels of treatment.  Each individual and their Case Manager identifies factors important to success and improved mental health.  Together, they address obstacles to that success and create a path toward a brighter future.

Clients engaged in case management services on a community level receive person-centered care in effort to reduce the need for involuntary examination via Baker Act.  Individuals who are repeatedly hospitalized by law enforcement due to their mental health needs, are offered case management services. These services are tailored to the clients’ specific circumstances and typically include mental health care, advocating for the individual’s health and wellness, motivation to increase self-care, and other services that may benefit the overall well-being of the client. In 2020, Case Management services were offered to eighty-one individuals after they experienced multiple Baker Acts.  

Clients engaged in another avenue of Case Management services are often identified during their incarceration at the Martin County Jail. In March 2020, a case manager was contracted whose focus inmates in Martin County Jail.  Since March Case Management Services have been offered to sixty-four inmates.   Inmates with mental health needs are assessed 90 days before their scheduled release in an effort to develop an interactive and thorough discharge plan. These discharge plans are tailored to each client’s specific needs, and can include employment coaching, housing referral, connection to medical care, and referral for substance abuse treatment.  

The Behavioral Health Unit collaborates with many social service entities in Martin County.  These include Southeast Behavioral Health Network, Martin County Fire Rescue, Mental Health Court, Human Services of Martin County, New Horizons of the Treasure Coast, Coral Shores, NAMI, 211, Cleveland Clinic, The Council on Aging and several others.