K-9 Unit

The Martin County Sheriff's Office Canine Unit was established in the 1980s and has since been a leader in the law enforcement field, setting the standards for police departments and sheriff's offices throughout the state and region.

Martin County Sheriff's Office Canine


The Martin County Sheriff'S Office canines perform a variety of functions in the support of field operations:

Selection & Training

The handlers and their dogs conduct searches for narcotics, evidence, and articles, as well as tracking and apprehending suspects. The dogs are specially selected for their temperament, intelligence, and suitability for police work. The canine teams receive an initial and intensive training of over 400-hours for patrol functions and 200-hours for detection. The canine and their handlers are continuously training throughout their years of service together.

All canine teams are trained in accordance with the Florida Law Enforcement Canine Association Standards. Our service dog teams have been credited with apprehending numerous felons and recovering narcotic contraband. They also regularly conduct crime prevention demonstrations for civic organizations.